Editions. The Winter Warriors . David Gemmell · Paperback Three warriors stand with her, the last remnants of the once proud Drenai army. : Winter Warriors (Drenai Tales, Book 8) (): David Gemmell: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. David Gemmell has a talent for fantasy tales of heroism and villainy that feature characters who, while sympathetically.

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I have to agree with you guys above me about lion of Macedon. Are you warrlors to follow your head or is it the heart you should trust? Many will face a glorious death on the battlefield, preceded by a heroic struggle with a more powerful enemy, supported by black magic.

However, as King Skanda plans to further expand his empire into Cadiahe is sending home roughly of the older men in his army, including Banelion, Nogusta, Bison and Kebra. While this experience was incredibly moving, incredibly well told, and an honor to read, I cannot give it four stars for a truly haunting technicality.

When that happens, their true character shines out, and the most unlikely ones rise to great feats of heroism, often sacrificing their lives in the process.

Gemmell’s best novels are hugely inspiring; the heroism in them never fails to lift my spirits. Incorrect Publish Date [Winter Warriors]. Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell’s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Yes, there are the loyal heroes, yes, they are brutal and lovable and flawed and delicious, but the story is much less about them. This article about a s fantasy novel is a stub. Together, they must stand against the dread Kreyakin wnter all the forces of hell.

qarriors It deals heavily with demons without leaving the reader afraid of the dark. All three of them are veteran soldiers in the Drenai army, having served under the infamous general Banelionthe “White Wolf”, during the Ventrian invasion of Drenai and the subsequent Drenai conquest of Ventria.

A quintessential standalone fantasy novel, and one of the best I’ve ever read. Veteran 10 reasons why Transformers: Seriously, if you’re after an introduction to the way Mr Gemmell writes you really couldn’t go past this one: View my complete profile.

Men, who in their prime, stood before the tide of countless battles. The development arc and changing personality of the queen, Axiana, is handled well, as is that of the priestess Ulmenetha. Friday, 6 August Winter Warriors – an appreciation. Although I always gemmdll it hard to choose a favorite when it comes to david gemmell. The best David Gemmell starter book you’ll find. The other characters are warrioes well drawn, such as the young Drenai officer Diagoras, who battles self-doubt, and the arrogant Ventrian swordsman Antikas Karios, another man who must confront the darkness that lurks in his own soul.

Winter Warriors by David Gemmell

I didn’t feel much for Axiana, there unfortunately wasn’t much to love there but the Winter Warriors more than made up for it. For this, he must ritually sacrifice three kings. Read it Forward Read it first. The storyline is secondary and it’s enjoyable, but the diversity of characters and their reasons for finding themselves amongst the minority of those that would stand against evil is why I liked this book so much.


Winter Warriors by David Gemmell – One Thousand And One Parsecs

Sep 03, Mayim de Vries rated it liked it. You can help the David Gemmell Wiki by completing it. Books by David Gemmell. With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sel David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy.

Whose wisdom do you follow? But will these warriors — once the best in the land — be enough to stem the tide of gruesome horror that threatens to envelop the world?

With wwinter of these things and more, it can be said without hyperbole that this is a fantasy masterpiece, and one I will return to time and time again. Winter Warriors is by contrast extremely well written, maybe the best of his books, even if it’s not my favourite in terms of plot.